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Eric Stott

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have been working in the BizTalk arena for a couple of years, before that I have been in the integration world since 1999. Recently have I had time to assist others in a non-work environment. I find myself involved in the Healthcare Industry, and love it.
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HIPAA EDI Subsystem Users is not a valid name because it contains invalid characters.
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Segment Terminators in the HIPAA and EDI adapter configuration
Searching Text within the archive of HIPAA or Base EDI archive directories
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Retrieving error information from the BaseEDI or HIPAA database
Port Authentication with AS2
Partner Specific HIPAA schemas
Outbound EDI Batching tutorial
Enhancements to the EDI Logging tool (more)
EDI Logger Emailing functionality and Subject Line Macros
EDI Counting functionality
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BizTalk Cross Referencing Functionality
BizTalk 2006 R2 X12 EDI Batching
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Connecting to Sybase via Scripting Functoid using a VB.NET Class
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Order Elements Even if They Aren't Present
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Extracting data from a sub loop - two ways to accomplish the task
Extract the iteration from a repeating loop designated by a certain qualifier
Error details: Unable to read the stream produced by the pipeline. Details: Cannot find definition for the input: {Record, Element, or Attribute}
BTSXrefImport.exe relationship
Replace any String or Character Pipeline Component - Regex Version
BizTalk FTP/FTPS (FTP over SSL or FTP-SSL) Adapter
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