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Saravana Kumar

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Saravana kumar, MCAD (Charter member), MCTS (BizTalk 2004/2006), MCTS (Windows/Web/Distributed App for .NET 2.0), MCPD Enterprise App Developer for .NET 2.0.

Saravana has been working with BizTalk Server since the first product release early in 2001, and has over 10 years experience in architecture, design, and development of mission critical systems focusing mainly on Microsoft Technologies.

He is very passionate about upcoming Microsoft technologies. In year 2005 he won the Connected Systems Developer competition under MCP category for designing and building SQL Service Broker Management Studio 2005.

Currently, Saravana is an independent consultant focused solely on Microsoft based integration solutions using BizTalk Server. Microsoft recently published his white paper Understanding Design-Time Properties for Custom Pipeline Components in BizTalk Server. He also founder and owner of
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